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  1. I agree that Russel has a secrure lock as of now. But what about the 4th? I'm not too sure on all the bands in 2A but Mercer seems to be the top pick as far as what im seeing.
  2. 1.) Lafayette 2.) Harrison 3.) Campbell 4.) Milford 5.) Beechwood 6.) GRC 7.) Grant 8.) Washington 9.) Dixie 10.) North Oldham lafayettes show had some missing pieces at their invitational (early season), but based on what they put out there they were as good as always! I think I can say they have this one in the bag. Harrison and Campbell might be close...not too sure though. I'm only going off of 2-4 based on what I've heard. Harrison is as good as ever, and I've heard Campbell is off to a great start this year, hence why I hav
  3. Based on what I saw at Lafayette, yes, they are. I just cant make a judgement cause I havent seen any other strong 4A bands.
  4. Oh nice! Didnt know he was a thing.
  5. soooo is the Bourbon sweep I'm hearing actually gonna happen...? I'm just asking cause I really dont know much about this class...
  6. Yea the voiceovers are super weird. Not really sure what the show is about...? And come on man...like be honest with me here. After watching both bands (and where is this video of Beechwood? I cannot find it) how can someone firmly say Murray is ahead in all captions...it just doesnt make sense. Like Murray is definitely ahead visually, but their show is not as enjoyable or lively as years past. They are pretty much the same Musically, but ill give more effect points to Bwood. Basically my verdict here is Murray is cleaner but Beechwood has better effect ATM. Now I loved Murray's show
  7. Yea I really dont like the voiceovers in their show...and what is their show supposed to be? I'm really confused.
  8. Does anyone have a video of MC or Eastern? I havent seen either.
  9. Yea I was confused why people were talking about Estill lol
  10. Why does a lot of what you say seem to be against Beechwood....and if you weren't at Lafayette or their competition, how can you accurately say they are behind Murray...did you watch the Murray video? It's just not as strong as the past 2 years. Although I did enjoy it. Both bands are really throwing down. Its gonna be super close, way closer than the past two years. And there is no denying that. Get off the trends and actually take some time to really consider where each band is. And what is wrong with using pop songs this season lol. It seemed pretty effective...did it not? And I
  11. I'm sorry but I can't find any videos of Beechwoods show this year...care to elaborate? sounds like someone might be a little biased...I think both bands are lighting it up early on, and are really an even match, with both bands doing well in all captions. However, as I was able to catch them at the end of Lafayette, Beechwoods show is just more lively, upbeat, and maybe even a little better written than Murrays. Although I am a big fan of Murray's drill this year. And it does seem a little cleaner early on. Overall, Beechwood has a much better effect and they are better musically, but Murr
  12. I think I stand my ground here. Its really not nearly as powerful. And its kinda confusing...good show overall though. I just dont think murrays show is as strong as the previous two years.
  13. Hmm...after seeing Russel Murray and Beechwood...there is definitely no way of saying Murray has Beechwood. Russell Is much more secure in third. However, Beechwoods show is way more upbeat and intense than Murray's. I honestly wasnt really sure what was going on in Murray's ngl...
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