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Dead Grass

D. Robertson



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Earlier today, I was sitting outside in the heat and just gazed down at the ground. I noticed how dead all of the grass is around me and it really reminded me of a lot of things that I go through.




Dead Grass


As the heat raises and the rain stays gone, the grass is dieing and turning brown. I look at all of this brown earth around me and it reminds me of the human aspect of a very similiar situation. Without our necessary needs, we all die inside. Slowly, but surely when we are starved of affection, attention, and excitement we all start to die inside. We feel as if the world has forgotten about us and our thoughts act as a catalyst to this slow decomposition.


Much like grass, all we need is a little water and we can start growing again. It's been a long time since I've had any of the necessary things to keep my mind healthy. It shows in everything I do. The things I say are all reflective of how I am feeling due to the lack of the things I need in my life. I'm starved of the things that I am so used to having and I'm slowly dying inside. However there is one thing that we can do that grass cannot. We can make our own decisions, and we can change our destiny.


Unlike grass, we are not rooted to where we are. We all have that ability to adapt and change to accept our surroundings. As the grass stays there turning brown and turning to dust, we can smile knowing that we get to change that. We get to accept whats happening to us and make it different. Albeit, its not easy to change things like this. We just have to take that step towards redemption and taking our lifes back and making ourselves happy mentally and physically.


We have to take that positive step towards the better. The small things in life help this process along. We can only hope that we can survive long enough to get those things that we love so much back in our life. It all comes in small amounts, until finally. You have it. Your nutrition of those things we all need. Affection, attention, and excitement will all come to you just when you think it doesn't exist.


For now, just stay strong and take what you can and turn it into positive energy. We are not dead, and we won't be for a long time to come. The grass may die, but it will regrow and spread all over the place. We will too.




Thank you for reading! This is the first time I've wrote in a long long long time, so its probably a little rough. I hope you enjoyed it though. I am working on another one, right after I click publish!



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