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Listen To The Rain

D. Robertson



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So, before I get into this writing I would like to explain my inspiration and such. I got the idea from a song called Listen To The Rain by Evanescense. I love it. So, everyone gets different feelings when they listen to the rain; ranging from depression to sleepiness and happiness to dancing. It's just a personal kind of thing. In this writing, I will try and show you how the rain affects me in an indirect way. This will be down similar to my previous writing, 'The Shadow'. I hope you enjoy, Thank you.





Listening To The Rain


The drops of water fall from the heavens like a volley of arrows from some unseen foe. They fall freely and without prejudice. As their speed increases, they near their destinations. The rain falls upon ground, water, and people alike spreading chaos all around. As the rain slams onto roofs and cars, people panic and run for cover. All except him, the defiant youth.


He stands perfectly still and accepts his fate as the rain covers him, causing a flood of emotion to run through his body. Rain is an amazing and truly powerful force of nature. It affects us all mentally and physically. This boy... such a defiant youth... feels as close to the rain as his own mother. As he sits and lets the rain envelope him, he is taken back to all of the times before this. All of which were similar, All of which had this thing called rain in it. He spent many days under this motherly water, telling it his problems and feeling as if the rain listened, he would feel better about himself.


He is pulled back to his current state when he hears his biological mother calling for him to leave behind his best friend, his true partner and return to the place he was forced to call home. As he seperated himself from the rain, he went to his room; he changed and fell fast asleep. He dreamed of his longing to be with his friend, the rain. The only thing he felt comfortable talking to was his friend, the rain. As the thoughts sank in, he went into deep sleep.


He woke up the next morning to the tipper tappers on the roof. He smiled because he knew that his friend has waited for him to return. He rushed to his window and opened it. He threw a welcoming hand out the window and caught the rain in his hand. He loved the way it felt as it trickled like a waterfall out of his hand. He felt truly connected with it. What an amazing thing, he thought. He closed the window and walked to his kitchen for breakfast.


The rain passed and all the happiness was sucked from him. If only he could have seen his friend just a while longer... Now, he is forced to sit under the torture of the sun. It was so bright, he thought. Such an invader shoudn't be allowed. The sun, to this defiant youth, was the closest thing to Hell that he knew of. He refused to go outside in such conditions. People refer to him as a lazy individual; They are such fools.


He sits at his window and awaits the return of his friend, the rain. It never stays gone for too long, the rain.




Now that the real story part is over... let me go into my personal feelings toward the rain.




Usually I get excited when I hear about thunderstorms heading towards belton, which is where I live. I always love to hear the sound of thunder, because I know that rain won't be to far behind. I love the sound of rain hitting my tin roof. There is just something about it.. something that is just so peaceful...... I really enjoy it. I often sit on my front porch and watch it hit the leaves on the trees in the front yard and wonder how its possible for these drops of water to fall from a cloud. Its an amazing thing honestly. I love it.


Rain sends me on an emotional roller coaster. It makes me happy at first, then sad and depressed. I have spent a lot of good times in the rain. Good times that have long sense turned into painful memories. I still love the rain though.. Just hurts sometimes.


ANYWAY, I hope you enjoyed this writing. It was a little bit unplanned and random... but it'll do. I look forward to seeing your comments



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