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    Sorry, I should’ve picked better words. Absolutely should have some version of school. I meant in person should be cancelled. Not sure why there’s a confused reaction to this post. Anyone saying it’s safe to have a season right now is in denial of the facts. You may believe that the reward outweighs the risk, but you can’t pretend this is safe. Kids are going to get hurt or worse from this.
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    It would be completely irresponsible to have a season. I say that in regards to UIL as well - ESPECIALLY UIL, actually. Look at the case trend in Texas... The cases are trending upwards nationally, and here in Kentucky it is spiking up and down, with some days being drastically higher than other days (as opposed to Texas, which is just a lovely skyrocket upwards). If there is a season, it's almost a certainty that at least one of the bands would have someone come in and spread it through the group. Is marching band really worth that risk? Even with wearing masks - camps and rehearsals have students in such close contact, constantly blowing air and spreading loads of lovely germs. It's not the most sanitary activity, even in the best of cases. If one person in the group gets it, it will spread to all of them. This isn't spreading doom and gloom, it's speaking to the reality that is COVID-19 right now in 2020. Times are not normal, and we cannot move on as if they are. If schools are able to get back in session, it will be very good to just have concert band right now - and even that is up in the air. You don't just have the students though, you have staff and everyone else who comes in with each group. It is a recipe for an absolute disaster. As a society we all need to be taking more steps to help stop this from spreading, this does the exact opposite. I would say just push forward optimistically for a concert season to build strong musicians for a wonderful 2021 season. We all love marching band. We all want a season to go on. But it is not worth the risk. We have no idea what 2021 will look like if there is a season taken off like this, or if there would be a season in 2021 either, but it's absolutely not worth the risk of harming children. We need to get our priorities in order... KHSAA is a totally different beast. Those games are two schools, and fewer players than marching members. Less on the field, and if you limit it to parents only - less in the stands. I'd argue they shouldn't be doing this either, though. If we stop the spread, then we can have a nice 2021 season. If we continue making decisions like this - looking at you UIL - then 2021 becomes a question mark as well. Does this look like it's the best time to be talking about putting a bunch of kids together?
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    We are going to be fine. This is definitely the time to bring kids together safely. Living fearfully won’t help the situation. It’s a very low risk for young students.
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    Bourbon County announcing is a big domino. Covid is causing more problems for programs than just logistics. A lot of programs are dealing with huge budgetary issues that are contributing to these decisions. A lot of schools missed out on their usual fundraising activities due to quarantine.
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    Bourbon Co has just announced on FB they will be going non competitive this season
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    IMO school in general should be cancelled, meaning marching band competitive and non-competitive as well, but we just need to wait and see what happens in the voting. Speculation that’s just a projection of our own feelings on the matter doesn’t do any good other than stroke some egos when someone’s prediction is inevitably right.
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    Says the person screaming the end is near with every post today. 😂
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    What if KHSAA limits fans to parents of athletes only or no fans at all? Who is going to host a KMEA show and lose revenue? For KMEA the two challenges are bus transportation (ex. Band A has to take 4 buses this year instead of 2 to dilute capacity)and fans.
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    Executive committee meets Saturday after KHSAA; will know lots more then. Anything else is pure speculation.
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    Hancock doesn't make top 6 if they stay in 1A? Okay...if you think so.
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    I see and understand both sides of the argument bc I struggle with what side to come down on at this point. My practical side says obviously we are still treading in dangerous waters with virus. I am in favor of masks, social distancing, being cautious of being out in public unless necessary, protecting those around me by doing my part etc. The selfish side of me however is at this phase: I'm tired of doing my part, following all the rules and guidelines, telling myself and my family we must stay in until , well I dont really know until when, while it seems the majority of states and people aren't doing their part and causing the spikes which just co tinues to punish those of us who are doing everything that has been asked. So where does that leave me? I dont really know honestly but I would like now the opportunity to be allowed to start living my life again openly, following the guidelines. Allowing the season to happen will have risks but at this point I want the choice. If you're not comfortable with your child participating in the season then simply dont let them. If we are allowed a season then follow whatever rules and guidelines we are given. Like I said practical me and selfish me see both sides and as a fairly responsible adult I beleive i can merge the 2 and find a happy medium.
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    There are enough votes on the MB board of control to cancel the KMEA season.
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    One and done could be feasible but it's a risk for any band program signed up to host a show. There are just a lot of upfront costs: judges, concessions, custodial costs, trophies, etc.
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    Exactly. As I keep stating, just stay tuned.
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    Central Hardin : Change Me Now Music The Four Seasons Recomposed Winter Pines of Rome Why Try to Change Me Now
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    The guidelines for the return to marching band activities were revised on July 4th. I honestly didn't see much that had changed since the guidelines were released last month.
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    Can’t wait for you to enlighten us. No one knows anything right now, so excuse me for not believing you know more than the directors do. Big meetings happening within the next week or so for both KMEA and BOA to make some decisions. Will be hard to be competitive if there isn’t a circuit to compete in.
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    My optimism for a season has reached a new low. Hope I’m wrong. Don’t feel at liberty to state why, but I believe we will have a clearer picture by this time next week.
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    I will pay money to see this if they can slip in "I Drink Your Milk Shake."
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    I know everyone hates speculation, and I don’t want to be a debby downer, but we’ve surpassed 50k new cases a day. What’s it going to be like in two weeks as guard and percussion camps start up? Four weeks as camps are ending?
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    Central Hardin : Change Me Now Musical selections from: The Four Seasons Recomposed Winter Pines of Rome Why Try to Change Me Now "Boss Baby" "Three Men and a Baby" "Look Who's Talking" "Baby Geniuses" and "Rosemary's Baby"
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    I know the directors you know and more info
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    We read the 1st post. Any schools going to go non competitive are the minority. They better hold off a few days before jumping off the deep end. You’re about to hear why.
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    Whoever messed with this, you're immature and rude. Next one I make, people will only be allowed to view and not edit it if people are going to behave this way. Completely unacceptable.