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    Mason (OH) is still hosting a competition on October 10th and Beechwood is planning to host a showcase of bands on October 17th.
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    While I totally understand your logic and reasoning. 1. I don't call them middle schools because two are k-8 so for clarification within my school and district they know what we are referencing when we say feeder school, k-8 school, parochial school or when we say middle school. 2. My athletic director and other coaches refer to their middle school teams as feeder programs. So this is language ive recently adapted to using, coming from a county with 1 HS and 1 MS. It is also not to discredit the work that theyre doing because i recognize theyre separate entities. Truthfully, I'd rather teach middle school students. Middle school is my passion and id love to find the right position. So don't mistake my context of reducing them down to a single role. Im fully aware that is but one function.
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    A school system hierarchy is set up for lower levels to feed into the higher level of school. That part is pretty simple to understand. However, a middle school band's purpose is not necessarily meant to be nothing more than a feeder. It is to provide (in many school systems) an opportunity to introduce instrumental music to students in a group activity. From there, the student (or their parents) decide if it is best for the student to continue to the high school level. Calling a middle school band nothing but a feeder for the high school is an insult toward the middle school band program. In a lot of places, these two programs are separate--meaning the MS director isn't necessarily the assistant to the high school and vice versa. Daviess County is that way at last glance. However, with team teaching you do see some high school directors have time to go work with the middle school program and there is some collaboration between the two schools on curriculum. If a school system is blessed enough to have more than one director at a school, recruiting does become easier because you have a face to go along with the program. The purpose of this thread was to give ideas to a situation of where a band director is at their respective schools for the majority of the day, and NOT what the purpose of the middle school is and what we should call it. It helps immensely to have positive relationships with those people and with the rest of your colleagues (you never know when a student might be transferring in from another district). With all of that, the biggest thing is to be visual to the public. A director must be good at selling their program. You do that with public and private performances. Set up performances for every school that feeds into you--including the elementary schools. Do what you can to do some collaboration with the lower level students. Playing SSB at a football game is one way to get them involved. Being involved is the most likely way to get more students. How you do that is up to your imagination.
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    Expectations at healthy, comprehensive programs are set with the input of all teachers. Subjugating middle school teachers to, basically, a means to an end, isn't good for the students. It's only beneficial to the high school teacher. The middle school teacher doesn't work for the high school teacher, nor are they obligated to a vision which doesn't serve the best interests of the students they are teaching. This is not the same as any teacher failing in teaching their students to be quality musicians. If the attitude of a high school director is for a teacher to get on board or else, that's not a place worth working at. There are plenty of successful programs in the country that promote a positive workplace environment which puts the interests of students first.
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    This seems like...overthinking. In any event, if the high school director does not think of the middle school program as an important feeder of potential future participants (which the high school program needs to survive), they are less likely to support the program, are they not? Plus, if the middle school program is getting support from the high school director, but it isn't serving as a good feeder program in return, isn't that by definition a toxic, one-way relationship?
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    Sorry but if you added connotation to the word "feeder" that is your problem.
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    Just throwing this out there, not trying to be a jerk. Can we stop referring to middle school programs as "feeders"? There's a bunch of reasons why, but try to grow past that.
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    Interesting. Having the football coach on your side generally helps. You seem to really care about the program. Best of luck to you.
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    Who said there’s no band? Competitive marching band is only a spoke on the band wheel. The membership of the Kentucky Music Educators Association made the correct decision along with almost every circuit in the country.
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    Can you imagine the grief KMEA would get with the almost inevitable technological/streaming issues and critique of the online 'judging'? People will be a lot more forgiving of some third party... "Well, at least they tried". As opposed to "KMEA ruined it!".
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    Also, if a high school director views their associated middle school band as mostly or only a "feeder," they are setting up a one-way, toxic relationship with their potential students and their current teacher. At that point, it's parasitic.
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    um, but that's what they are...........................like it or not. Where does my HS band come from? The middle schools that "feed" me. Although I have one MS teacher that needs to be reassigned due to poor performance (but that's another story for another time).