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  1. bandman1000

    Cadets News

  2. Who is coming to the MS clinic? Anyone know when it starts? Is it a competition?
  3. bandman1000

    Ky bands at 2017 BOA Grand Nationals

    How about Tennessee bands returning for 2017?
  4. bandman1000

    KMEA Regional Prediction Contest

    Anyone got a judging list for the regionals?
  5. bandman1000

    Vanderbilt Marching Invitational

    Anyone have a list of judges? Do they use BOA sheets?
  6. Looks like some KY bands showing up for the show. Could be a good showing for them
  7. bandman1000

    Contest of Champions

    cool line-up.. any predictions?
  8. bandman1000

    Contest of Champions

    not that i have seen anywhere..
  9. bandman1000

    Contest of Champions

    Its a big contest down at MTSU.. Was a big deal back in the day but the Ky bands started going and taking over..
  10. What Ky bands are headed south this weekend? Any predictions on finalist?
  11. bandman1000

    Hopkinsville Contest - 10/17/2015

    Does Mr. Bryant have any affiliation with groups attending Hopkinsville show?
  12. bandman1000

    Regional Judges

    Anyone know the list of judges and locations for the regionals this year?
  13. bandman1000

    Warren East Contest - 09/26/2015

    sounds like all of the discussion that Glasgow and Hart were pretty close. Maybe just a run and going on first was an issue? Was it raining o them?
  14. bandman1000

    Warren East Contest - 09/26/2015

    Maybe they both were right? May depend on what they were looking at during the show? The construction was unfortunate but that shouldn't have any bearing on the visual caption should it? Im sure if it was raining or cold or windy that could affect any groups performance. Did it rain the entire show?
  15. bandman1000

    54th Annual Contest of Champions

    Franklin the shoe in for the Govie Cup