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  1. Cersei BANDister

    AAAA West Regional @ Hopkinsville - 10/19

    On field judges are not judging the ensemble...they are judging the individual. They are not looking for balance and blend, they are looking at whether the individual is doing their job, assess quality and consistency and to what degree the individual is achieving those. The sheets are posted on the KMEA site for anyone to look over and see what is actually being judged.
  2. Cersei BANDister

    Boyle County Rebel Showdown 9/7

    Designers cannot judge bands in which they design. Consultants cannot judge bands in which they have consulted within a 2 week period. I don't have the exact wording but that is KMEA policy.
  3. Cersei BANDister

    AAAAA East Regional - Tates Creek 10/20

    I want to clarify that there are no KMEA judges. KMEA does not have a judging association from which they draw their judges. The contest hosts are responsible for hiring judges for their own contests. For quarters and on, KMEA does hire the judges, from many different places. Some have judged in Kentucky; some have not. I feel like KMEA has made great strides to get qualified judges for quarters/semi's/finals and the sheet changes are also helping. So if you have issues with, or on the other hand, really like judges from a particular show, it's the host bands' decision.
  4. Cersei BANDister

    Madison Central - 10/6

    The adjudicator is bound by a sheet. The guard sheet can be found at kyband.com and of course is not sanctioned by KMEA. It's been a while since I've read the sheet and it probably needs to be updated like the rest of the KMEA sheets. The vis sheets are MUCH improved. That may be why some people are caught off guard with vis scores. The Performance sheet now has a composition sub-caption that reads like a Design Analysis/Ensemble sheet. It's not just timing, style, tempo, etc. Love your name Salsarita
  5. Cersei BANDister

    The Cleanest Shows in Kentucky History

    Visually cleanest show in KY History imho is GRC 1991. Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra.
  6. Cersei BANDister

    9/10- Southwestern Contest

    The guard sheet is not part of the KMEA judging sheets. It's up to the contest admin if they have a percussion and/or guard judge and then it's up to them to use whatever sheet they want. There is a sheet that looks like the KMEA sheets that lots of hosts use. There can be a huge difference in how guard and perc judges manage their numbers. A more telling thing would be to look at the point spreads within the captions. I have not looked at this recap yet.
  7. Cersei BANDister

    9/24 Ryle Tournament of Bands

    It looks as though the Danville and Ryle contest have the same judges. Just an honest mistake somewhere.
  8. This just in: Using BOA sheets No caption awards No Trophies.. just gift bags with approx.. $150 of band useful materials to all bands No 1,2 3…just scores given No winning or losing this day. Just good runs with good information to help all bands get better
  9. Cersei BANDister

    Air Your Grievances

    I have a grievance. It's the fans. A little encouragement and camaraderie does not mean you love your child or program any less. Clapping at designed impact moment in another band's show does not mean they will win and your child will not. Enjoying another program's performance and showing it respect does not mean you love you and yours any less. Get over yourself. Teach your students and maybe the fans around you that you are truly a class act and can (albeit through gloved hands) be a better fan to your group by being receptive, appreciative and respectful other programs. I get that everything you see you are not going to love but it's no secret where impact moments are and even a golf clap would set a better example than what you are doing. Shew, I feel better. Kiss Kiss.
  10. Cersei BANDister

    Finals Results

    No need to tattle to either one of them. They don't give a snare.
  11. Cersei BANDister

    5A Finalist

    It was time getting off the field.
  12. Cersei BANDister

    Class AAAAA semifinals

    KMEA sheets are performance driven. Two performance judges per caption to 1 effect in the same caption. Clean will get it every time.
  13. Cersei BANDister

    Class AAAAA semifinals

    We all have the recap but thank you for stating the obvious once again.