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  1. theblowtorch

    What’s not been done

    Marion Catholic sorta did that last year.
  2. theblowtorch

    Friendly Finals Thread :)

    I loved seeing some new faces in finals.
  3. theblowtorch

    2019 KMEA Superlatives

    Band of the Year? Lafayette Director of the Year? Chuck Smith Best Finals Performance? Lafayette Best Overall Effect/Show Design? Lafayette Best Visual Effect? Lafayette Best Music Effect? Lafayette Best Music Performance? Lafayette Best Visual Performance? Lafayette Most Unique Show? South Laurel Most Innovative Show? Madison Central Best Use of Technology? Lafayette Best Brass? Madison Central Best Woodwinds? Lafayette Biggest sound? Madison Central Best Pit? South Laurel Best Battery? Madison Central Best Colorguard? Lafayette Best Guard Uniforms? Madison Central Best Guard Soloist? South Laurel is the only one I remember Best Drum Major(s)? Estill Co  Best Drum Major Uniforms? South Laurel Best Props? South Laurel Best Use of Props? South Laurel Best use of voiceovers? Murray Best Soloist? Madison Central Flute/South Laurel Flute Best Comeback Band? Dunbar  Most Improved Band from 2018? Mercer Co Most Improved Band from Beginning of Season? Adair Co Best Cheering Section? Lafayette Most fun performance? South Laurel Best sportsmanship? Madison Central Biggest surprise? Hancock County
  4. theblowtorch


    Next year there will be six bands in each class so there will be many new faces in finals. Class A Cumberland Co is a band on the rise and I think a Governor’s cup is in their future. Nicholas Co and Danville return to finals. Class AA Russell Ind will get to the level of Beechwood and Murray and the race to the top will be very tight. Class AAA Pulaski Co makes finals. Estill County and Adair battle it out for the cup. Class AAAA The most competitive class gets crazier with a rapidly improving Christian Co and Owensboro, however the beasts in the east reign supreme. Class AAAAA GRC returns to finals. Madison Central figures out how to clean a 300+ member band and takes the cup.
  5. theblowtorch

    2030 Finals predictions

    2030: Someone complains about judging/results. Adair and Lafayette are still winning.
  6. theblowtorch

    Semifinals results

    Not shocked at all. The west bands show design/programming needs work.
  7. theblowtorch

    Indianapolis Super Regional Prelims Schedule

    Indianapolis Finalists (in random order) Lockport Township Fishers Carmel Lincoln-Way Lawrence Township Brownsburg O’Fallon Township Blue Springs Center Grove Homestead Avon North Hardin Castle Mustang
  8. theblowtorch

    Semifinals results

    5A Lafayette Madison Central Ryle Dunbar
  9. theblowtorch

    2A Semis @ Warren East

    Parents/adults are allowed to secure props in poor conditions with permission from the contest manager.
  10. theblowtorch

    4A Semifinals @ Barren Co.

    I’m not sure Mr. Culp should be commenting on results/judging since that is a clear violation of judging ethics.
  11. theblowtorch

    Semifinals results

    Post results here.
  12. theblowtorch

    2A Semis @ Warren East

    1. Murray 2. Beechwood 3. Russell 4. Mercer
  13. theblowtorch

    AAAAA Semifinals @ WKU - 10/26

    1. Lafayette 2. Madison Central 3. Ryle 4. Eastern Top 2 will be closer than most predict.
  14. theblowtorch

    4A Semifinals @ Barren Co.

    Top 3 (could be in any order) Anderson Bourbon South Laurel 4 Harrison or MNHHS
  15. theblowtorch


    First time anyone has mentioned it....