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  1. Wow! Never thought I would see Adair as the 14th ranked band in the state! Not saying it's wrong or that I disagree but just a little sad! Well okay I disagree slightly. How is Adair ahead of Russell County in 3A but Russell County is ranked two spots higher overall with Harrison in between. So I think it should be Adair 12th, Russell 13th, Harrison 14th. A little bit of a flaw in the system there I think. And North Hardin 15th overall? I know they are down but yeah can't say that is correct either. Oh well polls are never error proof. Clinton over Trump on the exit polls in 2016!
  2. And to think we use to let polls crown college football national championships!
  3. Dayton is only about one hour and 15 minutes for them but yeah Johnson City would be a haul!
  4. This is not correct information.
  5. Estill Murray Adair Taylor Russell Ind Mad South
  6. but Taylor County is a little to the West of Adair isn't it? Or maybe not but I think technically it is? Are we starting to be like football conferences now where there are 14 schools in the Big 10, 10 in the Big 12 and Texas and Oklahoma are now a part of the Southeast? LOL! I think there will have to be a hard curved line drawn somewhere for that to occur.
  7. There will be football you can bet! And football games involve two teams one of which has to get on a bus and travel! So....I suggest KMEA be figuring it out now and not make us all look like we did not put forth the effort to figure out a way like last season. KHSAA made KMEA look pretty lame in their efforts! Not every football game happened, games got canceled, but KHSAA put forth an effort and 6 CLASS State Championships were awarded! MARCH ON!
  8. Not sure that will happen but this will be your 6 finalist should they all chose to attend. Lafayette, Madison Central, North Hardin, Ryle, Central Hardin, PLD And that would be a class worth watching.
  9. No surprise here! Good fit for both Mr. Centers and Oldham County.
  10. Dee Bishop will be the Head Band Director at Lafayette High School, Dr. Chris Strange will be the Associate Head Director for the 2021-2022 school year. Aaron Jones will still be the assistant director and director of percussion ensemble. Per source.
  11. correct! It is getting pretty late in the game for a " national search" Those usually start in January!
  12. what is there source of this? I have not even seen the job posted as of yet. Although I would think the position merits a national search.
  13. Theblowtorch is correct! They have had two rounds of interviews to my knowledge.
  14. Where is Mr. Carpenter going? Is he retiring?
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