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  1. Ok, so I see you don’t like some things...but would you have changed any placements from last night? The main thing the judges need to do is to get the top 4 right, then 5-8 right. I believe they got the top four correct
  2. Top 4: Glasgow Adair Taylor Larue Does anyone have any insight into taylor county? I havent heard much about them this season and I havent seen any videos of them. I have seen glasgow and I think their music will carry them to the top at this regional.
  3. It worries me that Hopkinsville was that far from Anderson last weekend. I can't see them closing that gap in the next few weeks either. Hopefully they can pick up the slack and make a push towards making finals but it will definitely be hard for them because of the quality of competition in this class.
  4. GC: Barren County RGC: Taylor county Overall color guard: Hart County Everything other overall award: Barren County
  5. 30 minute delay for rain Edit: first band is going on now after over a 2 hour delay
  6. Im just going to post my top 3 in each class A Beechwood Murray Williamstown AA Washington Co. Glasgow Hart Co. AAA Adair Co. Bourbon Co. Russell Co. AAAA Madisonville NH Anderson Co. John Hardin AAAAA Dixie Heights Madison Central Tates Creek
  7. lol what can i even say about this
  8. Im quite surprised about the top 6 scores, like said above, it was very close which i wasn't expecting
  9. i believe this year Adair could win finals, they got 2nd last year and that was after some set backs, after them, i think Bourbon County, Russell County, and Taylor County could jump into the other final spots this year.
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