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  1. How many directors has that school had? It's only been there for 25-30 years, right?
  2. Hearing that those two are trading positions.
  3. Are you implying that making finals is only a matter of a director doing "the work"? It would seem to be a little more than that.
  4. Are BD & SCV not doing ANY drum corps, or just not going to Indy? I kind of think there will be a California bubble, a Texas bubble, and a Midwest bubble. 8-10 shows in July that don't require housing. Thursday, there's a show in Madison, Friday a show in Dubuque, Saturday in Rockford, and Sunday in Lisle. A corps could do all of those shows from the same housing site. If you have 3 or 4 bubbles, then the corps that want to go to Indy for some type of final event.
  5. I'm siding with MikeZ on this one. It's kind of like when some NFL team is struggling and someone says "I bet the University of Alabama could beat the Jaguars!" No. Some of those Texas Bands, BA, Tarpon, Carmel are very good, but it's apples and oranges to what a Top-15 corps is doing. Maybe I should say was doing, sorry! That activity is possibly over.
  6. People understand that PART of the middle school band program's role is to create musicians for the high school band. It's just that term "feeder" reduces the program to that single role. Over a beer at the bar later, I figure the Carmel and Broken Arrow staff might call the middle schools in the district the "feeders", but I would be surprised if it is ever in print. Is it listed that way on the website? Maybe? What if Dr. Schallert started calling Bowling Green HS & Greenwood HIS feeders?
  7. Just throwing this out there, not trying to be a jerk. Can we stop referring to middle school programs as "feeders"? There's a bunch of reasons why, but try to grow past that.
  8. Theoretically, let's say there are only 2 or 3 contests for the entire Fall. Bands aren't allowed at games and there are no town parades. Is marching band still worth it? What if those contests are 4 hours away and you have to double the amount of buses? By your state MEA making this tough call, it actually takes pressure off of the local director. Now, they can say KMEA is the bad guy. If there was still SMBC going on, they would have to make that decision...either way a huge percentage of your families would be upset with.
  9. Learning to play your instrument continues without a competitive outlet, but football doesn't really function without games. They HAVE to attempt the season. I do expect some districts to start saying "no sports here" and gradually, there will be some sad state playoffs with only half of the schools attending.
  10. The question is really this: What will a school's policy on quarantine after a positive case? If the policy is that everyone in that class/team/ensemble (including teachers) must stay home for 14 days, there won't be anything going on. With that policy, schools will be at 50% attendance by mid-September. Once those policies start getting released, everything will be understood.
  11. I was thinking of Caldwell County in particular, the spectacle football is a big deal there. What places lost marching band in the 2010s?
  12. As long as there is football, there will be a band program.
  13. In person school will start back in January when a vaccine or full testing is available. Whatever corps are still around in 9 months will make up DCI and that will be our next marching experience.
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