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  1. J. Turner

    2013 Marching Band Video Thread

    Boyle at Corbin this past weekend
  2. Video of Boyle from this contest. All I gotta say is that this is definitely a different band than what I saw at N. Laurel! Much better sound and confidence!!! Glad to see them step it up finally and be what we've all expected from a Boyle Band! Keep on improving guys and we'll see you at state again.
  3. J. Turner

    PCI- Pulaski County Invitational

    not NOT going to win your own competition. So, if you are "NOT not" going to win your own competition then that means you've already decided you are the winners? Man they must be killing goats like crazy down there in PC! And just where oh where are you getting all these cookies? And the wine? Co-conspiring with the Catholic Church no doubt in order to get the best wine in the world and I'm just guessing there's an Amish sweatshop behind locker 115 in the southeast wing of the high school where you plan on getting all those cookies! I got my eyes on you Pulaski...I know....oh do I know...and trust me....I'm having the time of my life here.
  4. J. Turner

    PCI- Pulaski County Invitational

    THIS! This my brothas and sistas will be THE day...*short dramatic pause*... that a host band will win their contest. The Marching Band Gods and Goddesses will be pleased with the morning sacrifice of the ash laden goat stretched upon a pentagram the parents will offer up to them. The judges will be bestowed with erroneous amounts of cookies and wine. Mark my words and quote this in your signatures...the marching world will never be the same post PCI 2013... RIP KMEA.
  5. J. Turner

    2013 Percussion Thoughts

    And also...................... ....can't believe I just.....upvoted a John Harris ................... post.............. And clearly you've never had a band rush. It doesn't matter who rushes where as long as everyone adjusts to it. Ya know you're really piling on the negative rep this year (for all that its worth on here anyway, lol) Reached my negative vote quota from the day but this would've been added to it.
  6. J. Turner

    2013 Percussion Thoughts

    My thoughts every year since I graduated: WHY DOES NOBODY MARCH A CADENCE ANYMORE?! Every year I was in drumline we marched a cadence off the field except for one year when our instructor didn't write us one. I loved playing them and I love/d hearing them! But every contest I go to anymore there's never, I repeat, NEVER! a cadence. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY FREAKING WHY THE HECK NOT?! Lazy bum kids these days...it's not that hard to do. Trust me. Been there done that... /rant
  7. J. Turner


    Ha, Nothing gets by me! But I'm with you as far as being busy. I'd be able to participate but not actively run the thing.
  8. J. Turner

    Eastern HS Competition

    Uhm....who is this Grayson County? The last Grayson I knew couldn't even dream of a GC!!!! Congrats to them!
  9. Results A 1.Harlan ind (p,g) 2.Middlesboro AAA 1 1. Corbin (p,g) 2. Hart 3. McCreary AAA 2 1.Boyle (p,g) 2.Rockcastle 3.Knox Central AAAA 1.Madison Southern (p) 2.Pulaski (g) 3.Harlan County 4.Lincoln AAAAA 1. Dixie heights (p,g) 2. South Laurel OP: Dixie heights OG: Dixie heights Overall music: dixie heights Overall visual: Boyle county Overall general effect: dixie heights Espirt de corp: harlan ind RGC: Boyle GC: dixie heights
  10. So. They're gonna be playing on the parking lot. And there's very very few seating. Luckily kyle and I got decent seats on the "50"
  11. J. Turner


    Uhm....Just realized. We uh....didn't have a preseason prediction contest nor are having a Weekly Predictions League. Dahm it.
  12. J. Turner

    Week 3 Contest

    A - Paris AA - CAL (not competing) AAA - Adair AAAA - Rowan (hosting) AAAAA - Muhlenburg, South Laurel Bench - Metcalfe (not competing) Has S. Laurel always been 5A or did they opt to jump a class for this contest?
  13. J. Turner

    Class A Draft

    Kyle picks Marion County! Now last person....PICK QUICK
  14. J. Turner

    Class A Draft

    Alright, Kyle just got off work and will be home within the hour to make his final pick then it's just one more person and we're FINALLY done. Only almost 3 weeks late....
  15. J. Turner

    Class A Draft

    IIRC we're waiting on filler to be chosen for.