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  1. Mr Alligator

    Box 5 media

    Just don't get caught
  2. Mr Alligator

    2019 Indiana State Finals 11/9/19

    No you did this wrong... you mistake!!!!!!
  3. Mr Alligator

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    I saw a short 10 second video clip of Franklin doing their visual block on Franklin Band's Instagram story and I counted so many individual mistakes (people moving early and late, people marching with bad technique, bad shoulders etc.) So they could've just not been focused last night and that caused them to get third.
  4. Mr Alligator

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    Does anybody have a recap... oh wait sorry
  5. It stands for alligator
  6. Mr Alligator

    Go Pro Cams

    fewiuohuqhmrncoiue hncriuvbesutmiucofdspncub fdiaojkcuvbgf ureqguiodqbiuc gioihd wqgyiofdwho i feheqr uiqewgo riuqewhiupv5pbr g sqdiuogni cwg 8foeqrniuucr 24oypqfeo8uqcwbog8 3q8ygrqeugpqdwpinyqwbp9y8qer byp98 cqw 8oegub qcrhoinr 31bo ogiyfd f8y fqepoih dfsq f97csq 7tef
  7. Mr Alligator


    that is a bad word, you can't say that.
  8. Mr Alligator


    They got a penalty and didn't make it to finals
  9. Mr Alligator


    1A 1. Band #1 2.Band #2 3. Band #3 4.Band #5 2A 1. Band #1 2. Band # 3. Band 4. Ban 3A 1. Professional Bass FIshing team 2. PB&J 3.North Hardin 4.Hardin North
  10. Mr Alligator

    2030 Finals predictions

    Alligators will rule the world!!!!!!!!
  11. Mr Alligator

    Weather for SMBC

    Yeah I can do that
  12. Mr Alligator

    2030 Finals predictions

    1A 1.Avon 2.blue knights 3.Anderson county's freshman class 4.kmea 2A 1.walmart 2.yellow 3.band 4.friday nights 3A. Daniel Chocolate Bikini bottom bubble band Dwight from the office 4A System blue Dci That group of hobos who hang out behind the diner on 4th street Carmel high school 5A (everybody but campbell county left kmea) 1.campbell county 2.N/A 3.N/A 4.N/A 6A. Burbon county Puma Leaf Mold that is dangerous to your health 7A 1.Mr alligator 2.Monty 3.Monty 4.Free Food
  13. Mr Alligator

    2021 Finals Predictions

    yeah but don't tell Mrs Alligator that 😐
  14. Mr Alligator

    2021 Finals Predictions

    Due to the alignment of the planets and stars and maybe something to do with the sound barrier.