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  1. KillItOnTheHighC

    DCI 2018 pre season predictions.

    If SCV scores that low I'll eat my shoe
  2. KillItOnTheHighC

    New site theme

    Wew lads the site looks prettier now
  3. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    >(and I don't think anyone will) I can hope. I'm waiting for the day I can see Hazard's name on top again. I'll probably lose it.
  4. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    The director that followed Ms. Smith was a nice guy, and obviously would have made a good director at anywhere that wasn't Hazard, but his style of teaching was different from Ms. Smith's and Ms. Smith was all that that program had ever known. It lasted as long as it could have. I hope he's on to a program better suited for him.
  5. upvoted for positive attitudes
  6. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    There were 4 choices from what I hear, and Jordin was the only one I have been made aware of. She has quite a mess on her hands to clean up, because nobody treated anybody right last year and it broke my heart. I really hope she can help things.
  7. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    This'll be my last post for a little bit unless I hear something just because I need a break from nonsense. It is important though, specifically for anyone wanting a job in music ed. HS BAND DIRECTOR OPENINGS PER KDE WEBSITE: Perry County Central Rowan County Raceland Ballard Memorial E-town (Rumors seem to point to this being filled or almost done) Menifee County
  8. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    No sir(or ma'am), but I'll start asking around.
  9. KillItOnTheHighC


    It'd be one thing if they went for a sleek, jaguar-esque design that had more subtlety to it. Instead, they decided to field some T-Rexes.
  10. KillItOnTheHighC


    So just as a comment I'm excited to hear Crown's sound but they easily win the award for worst uniform I have EVER seen. I get that Beast isnt supposed to be a clean-cut show but they sacrificed any attempt at a sleek design that still gets the theme across in favor of submerging almost grotesque as far as uniforms go. If Bloo 2016 was minimalist uniform design taken to the extreme, this is the other extreme, and I'd argue it's even worse.
  11. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    Anything to get more East KY small bands up and running.
  12. KillItOnTheHighC

    Job Board 2018

    From what I hear it's because people with in-district experience are being given strong preference. Not that I agree with them, but it seems to be the prevailing theory.
  13. Same bands. Totally different class. 4A back then was laughed at. 4A now may not be the best class but I tell you what it's the most healthy. Not one band can get complacent.
  14. 4A might as well be "draw 4 cards out of about 10" because there are so many good bands in that class.
  15. You're gonna start making people feel old. That being said I think we should consider 2005 the start of the modern era. Class change and what not.