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  1. Ben Dover

    SMBC 2020 Location

    Quite a way to introduce yourself to the room.
  2. Ben Dover

    SMBC 2020 Location

    Hey Bill, your snide comment is 2 weeks late.
  3. Ben Dover

    DCI 2020

    I don't think it will. Medicial journals estimate that this will peak mid to late April. Issue with DCI is this has happened during spring training.
  4. Ben Dover

    Corona Talk

    Let us also keep in mind the senior classes period, regardless of their involvement in the marching arts, who are missing out on their "lasts" with their friends. Those of us who have graduated know what it's like the last couple of months of the school year, and I'm sure it's taking it's toll on them not being able to share these last moments with their friends.
  5. Ben Dover

    Corona Talk

    I think that we've hit the peak of it, but the reason the numbers continue to climb is because more tests are being distributed. I'd say come the end of May or the beginning of June we will see things start to go back to normal. This is just based on numbers that I've seen coming out and not listening to mainstream media, since they tend to be trying to scare everyone and use it as a political stance. I don't care who anyone voted for, we need to stick together, social distance, wash our hands, and let this thing die out for the season so that when it comes around again in December there will be vaccines ready. Canada, the UK, and several companies in the US are close to or are beginning animal trials. The end of this is near, we just have to continue to do what we are told and not have the mentality of "It'll never happen to me".
  6. Ben Dover

    School Closings

    Money could be made during Concert Band season, KMEA just chooses not to adapt because they're sticks in the mud. State Concert Band Championships. Just saying.
  7. Ben Dover


    So whats going to be done about the abuse of the downvote button here lately, if anything? Or has any admin been online to notice it?
  8. It could have been official yesterday, but public today. Who knows. It's pointless to fight over this though. It's official and public now.
  9. Ben Dover

    WGI Championships cancelled

    WGI is cancelled. Carolina Crowns March camp is cancelled. The Cadets March Camp is cancelled. Madison Scouts March Camp is cancelled. E3 is cancelled. NCAA will now be crowd free, just officials, players, and coaches.
  10. Since I'm not a resident of Cynthiana, nor do I not know the individual personally, I can only report what has been reported on. My apologies. I believe this is the point that ObjectiveObserver was trying to make.
  11. I thought I had heard something about it, just couldn't remember where since I'm reading multiple news sources every day due to this. I will say that I don't read anything thats not legitimate news. No random info from random Facebook news sites here. Herald Leader Article
  12. It was on the news. Can't remember which it was. Possibly WKYT or LEX18. May have said they were discussing it.
  13. I've actually been keeping up with the news in Jefferson, Fayette, and Harrison Counties, and Harrison had a woman who grew up there move back for a week from Hong Kong to escape the madness for a while. People were trying to say that she brought it in and everything in the comments on Facebook. Pretty sad that people are stooping to that level. It's ignorance that is allowing this to spread. As of right now they have 5 cases, all linked to patient zero. Not sure about Lexington but I think they have 2 and Louisville has 3 so far. Wash your hands, keep Lysol on hand, hand santizer, and stay at least 6 foot from any individual. You'll be just fine.
  14. UK has announced that the rest of their semester will be online, and Berea has cancelled the rest of their semester and order the students to be moved out by Saturday. I'm absolutely thrilled that these communities are being proactive instead of procrastinating.
  15. Which is why I pointed it out. I've been downvoted with every post I've made, and I can live with people being that petty, but when it comes to something serious and can affect kids it becomes disrespectful, childish, and downright pathetic. In all honesty it should be removed because of times like this, but then you have the children crying because their fun got taken away from them, and thats when you know who the culprits really are.