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  1. 1. Lafayette (Overall music and visual, ME) 2. Harrison County (VE) 3. Bourbon 4. Beechwood 5. Henry Clay 6. CAL 7. Lewis 8. Lloyd Memorial The only things I'm confident in here is a Lafayette win and a Harrison visual effect win. Harrison County won VE at Beechwood over Campbell and GRC both of which had VE out the wazoo. Bourbon could end up ahead of Harrison, but Harrison should still pull out the VE win. Beechwood could also place 2nd. Their performance at their home contest was great! Henry Clay, while placing well at Lafayette, I just don't
  2. I would have Christian ahear by a slight margin, and then the rest as you have it.
  3. I hate the decline in attendance this year. This is always one of my favorite competitions. I would, however, have Russell Independent ahead of Dunbar. Bold, I know, but it could honestly happen with how Dunbar has been the last few years during the early season.
  4. A state renowned program that shall remain nameless so that I don't get uselessly called out for bias.
  5. Because no band is that good first week out snd should be scoring a 99 at the end of the season if they are already scoring that high, but of course you're going to disagree with me and drag this on for 2 pages as always.
  6. Go look at the recap for yourself. If you weren't there in person though, you won't notice anything wrong...
  7. And I don't like it every year. Lol. No band no matter the caliber should be scoring that high first weekend no matter the circuit.
  8. Pretty sure we've aeen you complain about scores at one point on here. We all have. I too think an 80 the 2nd week of the season is a bit much, but it happened. I also think Lafayette was over scored the first weekend. What do we learn from this though? Judges don't know how to manage their numbers correctly. Overscore the first band on the field and its all down hill from there...
  9. Let us not forget the shenanigans the judges pulled last year at this contest. I wouldn't put a Bourbon win past them...
  10. As of right now I see these as the finalists... Beechwood Estill County Russell County Bourbon County Harrison County Central Hardin Henry Clay Lafayette Ryle Madison Central I'm not even going to begin to try and predict placements.
  11. My first competition ever was an 88 something, and we didn't deserve that even though we went on to do great things.
  12. I am until certain regions have been stacked so much that its a possibility that a band missing out on semis could place top 3 in the other region. Which has happened this year...this isn't a fix. This more than likely will cause more directors to pull their programs from KMEA.
  13. Just saw a video fo Murray. They have no business sounded as good as they do! Holy crap! Sounds like they got their instrumentation numbers sorted out. Such a large, full sound! Excited to see the heights this band can reach this year!
  14. In 2009 they had the trees turned road signs that turned around to reveal the apples. In 2010 they had the sin signs like greed, glutony, etc. I mean, I can see it both ways.
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