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  1. I heard the same thing in 2019, but we also had more announced by this time that year too.
  2. I think most bands are using their 2020 show, which is why there hasn't been a lot of announcements. They've already been announced a year ago. Lol.
  3. Closest Dollar General is in Brooksville which is to the north in Bracken County. They do however have a Family Dollar. Lol.
  4. Nobody was cancelling you, I was just telling you to take your comments elsewhere because it came off snide and there was no reason for it. Guess we were both in the wrong. I apologize. Lets be adults and move on.
  5. If you've ever been there, you would understand. I believe the time I was driving through they had a single stop light and a Subway. That's it, but it looks as if Subway has left town too after a Google search.
  6. You're the only person who thought I was downplaying it. I never once was, but thank you for assuming rather than asking me. I was simply implying that with cancel culture that literally everyone can and would be cancelled because we have all been guilty of doing something that has gotten someone cancelled already. So please kindly take your condescending comments elsewhere, because they're unwarranted here. You decided to take it to the extreme when you applied the history of William Christian to yourself, which was ridiculous to do. Instead of acting that way, if you believed that someone wa
  7. I tried that, but nothing popped up for me. At least that mystery is solved. Michael Wooley is also listed on the Dunbar band website, so it's official.
  8. There's always that one person who takes everything to the extreme. You must be SO much fun to hang out with. Or the geographical area that the new school is built, like what Scott County did with Great Crossing.
  9. From my understanding, Robertson has never fielded a marching band because they just don't have the board support nor enough students to field a band. Based on the KHSAA enrollment numbers, for the 2019-2020 school year they saw an enrollment total of 117. The entire population of the county is only 2,123 as of 2019. Based on this information, I wouldn't expect them to field a marching band, frankly ever.
  10. If we had a day to day recollection of every person who's ever lived, I'm sure we would all be cancelled at some point. Even the most PC person gets mad when they can't understand the customer service rep on the phone.
  11. I think he has a few more years before he hits retirement, but I could be mistaken. He did only start at Rowan in 2001. Not sure where he was prior.
  12. I've been asking around for a couple weeks now since I found out about Wooley, but nobody seems to know anything.
  13. He also had free run at South Laurel and I doubt he will have that at Dunbar, so we will see how effective this will be. I think design will definitely take a few steps up the ladder though.
  14. Or the Allen County-Scottsville route, which I think would make more sense in this situation. Christian County-Hopkinsville High School has a better ring to it in my opinion, and it helps my OCD with it being in Alphabetical order.
  15. Directors? They were both under different directors at that time. I don't remember there ever being a clear explanation as to why they merged. It was only for a single season. Honestly I'd still like to hear the reasons behind the decision.
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