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  1. Ben Dover

    The show must go on...

    I know of 5 schools still hosting, and I'm sure there are more or will be more come October from what I've heard. Because it doesn't take money to have football attire, 10 to 15 coaches, health officials on staff, the cost of travel, the cost of electricity for the stadium at each home game, etc. That just doesn't cost a thing. Exactly. Decisions were made too early on, and Stroube and Boulden even said that during the meeting, but they directors on the board (most of which had already cancelled their season) went on and decided to vote anyways. I don't understand how there can still be contact sports but no marching band. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Covid World is a strange place.
  2. Someone has to be, yes, but shouldn't one of the requirements be that you field a marching band in order to be a chairperson on the MARCHING BAND committee? Currently, I'm unaware of any middle school marching bands in KMEA, they all fall under the high school division in Kentucky.
  3. Please...no. Lol. I don't want to pay $60 for 10 bands at best. Lol. You can blame the committee for voting it down because "It's just not feasible". One director in particular went on a long winded tantrum about it, who is a middle school director and has nothing to do with marching band. Not sure why they are on the MARCHING BAND committee, but whatever.
  4. Ben Dover

    New KMEA Guidelines

    "It's not about winning."
  5. Ben Dover

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Because a third of finals didn't move up a class last year. People complained that the old class was allowing bands to "artificially" grow when those bands have proven that their middle schoolers can play and possibly win championships, and now people are complaining that the new system has zero incentive to grow. There's just no pleasing some people unless the powers that be ruin it for a third of the kids in some programs. I would suggest that anybody who complains about middle schoolers being in marching band to attend a rehearsal of one of these bands (with permission of course) who allow 7th and 8th graders to march. It would most certainly be eye opening and would probably change a lot of people's opinions on the matter. I, for one, was one of the 7th graders in my alma mater marching 6 years total, and I can not express how much it was beneficial to my musicianship in the first week of band camp. Learning to play much more difficult sheets pushed me so far in concert band in middle school.
  6. Ben Dover

    New KMEA Guidelines

    It should be up to the programs director on how many middle schoolers they want to use. We now have a system that keeps them from "abusing" their class if they overgrow their "boundaries", and most of these schools have proven that their middle schoolers can indeed march and play. I don't see what the big deal is now that the class system has changed. Some of the most successful programs on the national level march middle schoolers. Most of the programs across the state rely on their middle schoolers to keep the marching band afloat because of retention at the upperclassmen level. Do we want more bands to leave KMEA, because this would be the way to do it. Lol.
  7. Ben Dover

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Already been discussed. John Merz took over for him at Great Crossing, Sean Piatt took over at Harrison, and now West Jessamine is open. I just hope the BOE doesn't try to cancel the program again...
  8. Ben Dover

    Corona Talk

    Too far...👀
  9. Ben Dover

    2020 Finals Predictions

    SMBC cancelled. Gotta love directors who voted against their districts. There were a couple who did so, and one of them are over my district. Pretty much a big screw you to those bands.
  10. Ben Dover

    New KMEA Guidelines

    They actually have 9, and probably not because that's how it was prior to 2005 in 4A.
  11. Ben Dover

    Corona Talk

    Hi Kettle. 😂
  12. Ben Dover

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Sean Piatt is now at Harrison County.
  13. Ben Dover

    New KMEA Guidelines

    There were 240 ish yesterday. A one day spike doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world. The numbers have been going up and down every day.
  14. Ben Dover

    Corona Talk

    It's funny how when someone points out facts that go against ones personal opinion, everyone starts to become experts on the matter. 😂