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  1. Monty

    Welcome to Alligator Club

    Hi Mr Alligator this is a nice club wonder if anyone else reads this. That'd be cool to have more members I think. Red. Crown.
  2. Monty

    New KMEA Guidelines

    New Kentucky Public Health guidelines Social gatherings limited to 10 or less, but does not include "organized activities". Will be interested in reading that order to see how that impacts bands. Beshear was crystal clear that this trend is not good for schools. At this point the season is basically shot but it's interesting that some schools are still holding onto a thread of hope that they can compete. I don't see it happening but that's just me
  3. Monty

    Corona Talk

    Don't forget that if a national-level band circuit was to cancel, and that appears to be likely in some form, the smaller ones will follow. WGI was the first to cancel last year, and SCGC followed suit within 24 hours. They can make plans right now, but that doesn't mean they won't change them later. Nobody on this site or anywhere else can convince me that Grand Nationals is safe this year. Groups from all 50 states going to a central location, and then going back to their respective states. You could make the argument that competition would be ok on a regional or local level, although that's a stretch too. Ivy Leagues cancelling fall sports and Power 5 conferences pruning back their schedules help make this point. Also, look at the groups that are being held back, or deciding to not compete. Murray and Bourbon, both perennial finalists with large fanbases that go buy tickets, and then lots of 5A groups like Ryle, Eastern, Dunbar (Notice there's a geographic area that's being particularly cautious, I bet more Lex/Lou schools will follow suit). At some point, there isn't as much money to be made. When you're already risking the safety of kids, and now you're seeing the numbers start to fall apart even more, it just becomes more difficult to see happening... Hope that made sense Also as someone pointed out, 576 cases today is huge! We did have 2 days of relatively low numbers but even if we plateau at 350-400 daily cases on average, that is going to be too much for Beshear to tolerate business as usual. Don't forget that this administration listens to Public Health and Dr. Stack. Governor Holcomb of Indiana isn't messing around either, and it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to intervene with BOA. I'm just sharing my opinions though, take them as you will, it's just band, folks
  4. Monty

    New KMEA Guidelines

    It's great to be back on the boards. Just popping by to put in my two cents, just like everybody else seems to want to do. I would obviously love to have a season, but when you watch the state of things in this state, and around the country, it doesn't pass the smell test. I know that the bands that are currently planning to compete have contingency plans, such as Zoom rehearsals, for a potential positive case, but there isn't a good substitute for in person, outdoors rehearsal. Attendance to in person school and rehearsal will be spotty at best, and some schools are going to have no excuse, opt-in virtual learning, as they have where I live in Daviess Co. Obviously, KMEA has a financial incentive to keep things going as smoothly as possible. I totally understand that and respect that. It is worth noting that participation from groups is ultimately going to be way down. From what I've heard (no names, just numbers), KMEA district 2 is looking pretty bare. Less schools marching also means that less bands show up at local competitions, and I feel like a pretty good percentage of the ones currently listed will not be viable. The shows in my area have been on the decline lately anyway, and get weaker every year (Ohio Co, Owensboro Catholic, McLean Co, Murray FOC) and this will undoubtedly put a large strain on the groups that still plan on hosting. If you don't know that you can earn money by pulling in a certain number of groups and their fanbases, what's the point in putting the logistics together and running the risk of seeding an outbreak? I would also point out that for many groups, BOA or state is the ultimate end goal of the season... If they were to cancel, most, if not all groups would follow suit. I'm optimistic by our low case numbers, even our recent spike pales in comparison to other states. That being said, the Governor has been strongly on the side of public health, and I don't expect that to change. He's been lenient on school activities but that all depends on where we keep trending.
  5. Monty

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    Can't upload the Prelims Recap so here are all of the scores, in order of overall placement Franklin 91.6 McGavock 90.75 Mt. Juliet 88.725 Siegel 88.05 Eastern 87.3 Science Hill 87.15 John Overton 86.55 Paragould 85.25 George Rogers Clark 83.75 Daviess County 83.2 Hopkinsville 82.325 Columbia Central 82.1 Christian County 80.25 Ravenwood 79.4 Barren County 79.25 Bartlett 78.8 Union City 77.825 Riverdale 77.4 Heritage 75.75 Larue County 74.9 Goodpasture 74.85 Muhlenberg 74.475 Centennial 73.8 Lebanon 72.7 Independence 71.025 Clarksville 70.2 Oakland 69.225 Coffee County 61.15
  6. Monty

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    Yeah, guys, this is way different compared to KMEA shows. Good luck getting your hands on a recap soon. If I'm lucky, and if you're all patient enough, I might be able to get a Prelims recap for you all tomorrow, but I can't make any promises. As far as finals, you'll have to find someone else. Edited to include Finals Scores which haven't been posted here yet. 1st. McGavock 91.1 - Grand Champion 2nd. Mt. Juliet 90.775 - Reserve Grand Champion 3rd. Franklin 90.1 - Honorable Mention 4th. Seigel 89.8 5th. Eastern 88.8 - Kentucky Governors Cup 6th. Science Hill 88.025 7th. John Overton 87.35 8th. Paragould 85.35
  7. Monty

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    At prelims I didn’t get to see McGavock but I saw Franklin Siegel and Mt Juliet. Mt Juliet was great and all but this result is surprising.
  8. Monty

    KY Marching Discord

    As a member of both, there are aspects I like and dislike about both. I enjoy the organized feeling of KMN when looking through different shows and being able to read comments across different points in time. But the bickering is absolutely ridiculous. Some people have yet to learn to just keep quiet when they see something they disagree with, and it's this childish sense of arguing with anybody who says anything that you don't like that's led to the downfall of this place, not that it's ever been a perfect environment. In the Discord, most people are able to be affiliated with a band program without being insulted/degraded for their opinion, something I could never do here. Also after every competition, I'm glued to the discord trying to hear results. I would also like to point out that ARae's comment was particularly rude given the fact that Chase has done nothing but a great job in "managing" this community. You have my respect.
  9. I believe BOX5 took down all of those videos 😕 it's one of my favorite NH shows... Really wish someone had a video
  10. Monty

    Boom Mics

    I hear them a lot, but I was at 5A semis and Campbell and Eastern used them a lot. Personal preference but I really dislike them. I particularly disliked when the soloists were micd and I had to search for them because you can't just hear them. Like Campbell's trombone feature was great but it was distracting sitting in front of their speaker looking across the fiels trying to see them. Let the kids show their own use of dynamic shaping and not everything needs to be loud to be effective. Having more dynamic ups and downs is really a lot cooler than having mics blast out every moment of the show. And the wind can get caught badly and it's pretty distracting.
  11. Thanks for doing this, Unknown! I really appreciate it. I'm going to wear this result for a while, I'm quite proud of it.
  12. Monty

    Weather for SMBC

    The forecast looks about the same from my source. Good news: We have seen the heaviest rain. Nothing gets worse than what went through this morning. There should be a lull at the start of semis, where at least the rain is still lighter. Looking at the radar, unless more rain/storms start to brew, Bowling Green should be cleared of the heavier rain in the next 3-4 hours. Bad news: Wind advisory issued for the area highlights gusts of 40-45 mph through the afternoon with the potential to gust to 50. Thunderstorms also possible later at night. I guess this is probably my last forecast post. So let's all go enjoy some quality bands and just hope for the best weather possible.
  13. Monty

    Weather for SMBC

    Lafayette's cheering section could practically fill up WKU's stadium by themselves. If you ever try to sit up at the top during Finals you'll know how that goes
  14. Monty

    Weather for SMBC

    Heaviest rain in the early morning and a lull in the early afternoon. Maybe we can get all of our semifinalists done before it picks back up again. With the second round of rain, later in the evening/night some thunder isn't out of the question, and much stronger wind gusts (25 mph+ possible). I'm not sure what the rules are but I'm assuming that thunder would at very least delay the performances due to safety concerns... I would hope so at least.