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  1. TheBrassGuy

    New System

    The way one band does things as far as including middle schoolers or not is not only none of our business, but also a subject that we personally don’t know much about other than a public schedule that got taken down, and testimonies on Estill’s director’s behalf. Guest1234 your ideas are nice and cool, but the more you post the more it seems like you don’t have any clue what you are talking about. Auditions are not a bad thing. Yes, some bands only choose a handful of middle schoolers to march. Most students are literally not ready for it so that makes sense. Back to occasionally lurking!
  2. TheBrassGuy

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    There’s only one band this could be, and it’s not North Hardin. Unless by “big 5A band” you mean a band outside of the usual top four..and in that case there’s one other band.
  3. TheBrassGuy

    BOA Louisville

    Carmel hasn’t attended a Kentucky regional in a long time. The closest they’ve gotten to us was I think the Dayton regional four or five years ago. Where are you guys getting information about Carmel attending?
  4. TheBrassGuy

    New System

    Madison Central and/or Lafayette would have to also leave with North Hardin for there to be a significant impact.
  5. TheBrassGuy

    New System

    What about the changes to judging?
  6. TheBrassGuy

    Adair County Sudler Shield

    This is an incredible honor, guys. Congratulations to the Adair Band and everyone involved in the program! It’s much deserved!
  7. TheBrassGuy

    All State band

    I would hope that competition isn’t the main motivator for our music educators to have a successful, and balanced program. I believe that the concert setting is the most important part of a program educationally speaking. I can talk more about if you want to privately message me.
  8. TheBrassGuy

    All State band

    Some of the bands that many of us admire on the marching field do not give the same level of attention to their concert programs or to the development of their individual musicians. Marching band is the centerpiece for some programs.
  9. I can’t tell if you’re trying to play devils advocate or if you’re just ignorant, so I’ll explain further. There is no problem for auditions in a competitive group. What would happen is bands would audition and cut right at the number cap of a certain class so they would be more successful, as opposed to being in the class they probably should be in. It’s not just cutting middle schoolers, it’s cutting a lot of the younger high schoolers in order to have an easier time in a lower class. It’s just not educationally the best system.
  10. TheBrassGuy

    BIG changes to kmea next year

    I guess I’m eating my words. I really did not think any of this would pass.
  11. This was pretty condescending. “Sweetie”? Come on. Some of you guys need to check your egos. None of us are experts so let’s take it down a couple notches.
  12. David Jaggie seems to be doing great things over there. I think they could end up being better than Lafayette and North Hardin has ever been in the next 3-5 years.
  13. It’s more about comparison to other bands. The judges weren’t necessarily saying they were better visually than musically, they were just putting the captions as they were compared to other bands. And yes, they should’ve won music, but they didn’t. I personally think KMEA just prefers the bright sound Lafayette produces. Although, the judges themselves at finals were high quality judges this year, so I’ll keep scratching my head. Every single person I’ve talked to thinks North Hardin should have won at the very least the music caption.
  14. Posture and technique. This past year wasn’t as good for some reason, but for a while now North Hardin has been great in individual visual. Again, this past year was not good, but before that it’s been quite good. Musically, North Hardin stands out in Kentucky. But there are a lot of bands that sound as good as them that go to nationals. Not to mention that they are pushing the envelope just as much, if not more, than North Hardin.