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  1. Oh I’ve said it plenty over the years. Should I just be blunt? I’ll be blunt. The reason some groups go the MSBA route is the lack of competition. You will not convince me otherwise. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. But whenever people say groups make this move because of feedback and quality of judges, I giggle a little bit. If MSBA’s feedback was so superior, we would see our top groups participate in more MSBA shows. I’ve had plenty of experience with MSBA back in the day where I was on staff for a few groups. The quality of groups at your standard MSBA competition is much lower than you see at KMEA competitions (with a few exceptions). The tapes were just okay and the critiques were inconsistent. Groups go to get a better placement, not because the circuit is less flawed.
  2. Brass33

    SMBC 2020 Location

    The thing is, making it to where we have 6 finalists in each class will turn 100 groups participating into around 120. I’m not in favor of 6 finalists (strictly from a quality standpoint) but this move would be pretty advantageous in all facets for KMEA. 6 finalists would see an increase in participation, larger crowd at finals, and increased revenue. Can’t really see a negative from their perspective.
  3. In KMEA SMBC, jumps like that are much more likely/understandable since semis and finals have completely different panels and groups are performing in a different venue. Especially if there aren’t huge differences between groups. However, in MSBA, the panels/venue stay the same from semis to finals. Which makes that jump even more of an anomaly. Ive been saying this for the past few years. For those of you who think MSBA having ‘trained’ judges somehow gives the circuit more validity, I’ll direct your attention to some of these recaps. Discrepancies in ordinals and differences in semis/finals scoring happens in every circuit, not just KMEA. Even the ones with ‘trained’ judges. I’ll say it again.......the reason some groups go to MSBA instead of KMEA isn’t because of the feedback/judges...........
  4. Woah woah woah, I thought MSBA judges were supposed to be trained? 😉
  5. Brass33

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I’d say the logical thing to do would be to have a retreat for 1A, 2A, and 3A. 4A and 5A perform after retreat and have their own retreat to end the night. If they try to keep the same retreat format with 10 extra bands, it’ll be a colossal mess.
  6. Brass33

    Band directors

    Strictly based on marching band results? No I don’t necessarily think that’s fair. The activity is so subjective whereas sports is pretty definitive. A touchdown is a touchdown. A goal is a goal. Etc etc. However, marching bands can be pretty misleading when it comes to the overall strength of a program. Go to an assessment sometime. There are programs that have great marching bands that have average/subpar concert groups. There are too many programs that treat concert season as the offseason. When, in reality, the concert season is where your students develop the most growth.
  7. For the crowd that believes crazy ordinals are unique to KMEA, here is your rebuttal lol
  8. Brass33

    SMBC 2020 Location

    That’s the rumor, unfortunately
  9. Brass33

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    A couple of thoughts. What happened to Franklin this year? They had a director change correct? Even so, between this and their St. Louis placement, they seem to be struggling. McGavock? They must have improved dramatically over the past two years. I remember seeing a video of them from a KY contest two years ago. They were not great.
  10. Brass33

    What’s not been done

    Hopkinsville did a Bonnie and Clyde show a couple years ago that is similar to what you described. It was a great show!
  11. Brass33

    Top 10 Shows of the Decade

    I started watching in 2008. Allure (Lafayette) and Ninja (PLD) were the best 1-2 punch in a class that I’ve ever seen. Both of those groups would’ve made GN finals. They were phenomenal.
  12. Brass33

    Top 10 Shows of the Decade

    I totally forgot about Lafayette 2012.........I’m ashamed
  13. There was a similar thread on here a couple years ago. What are your top 10 shows of the decade? Your list doesn’t have to be indicative on how well a group did that year. Just what shows you like/were impressed with. Mine are: 1. Lafayette 2019 2. Adair 2010 3. Lafayette 2017 4. North Hardin 2015 5. Madison Central 2019 5. Adair 2011 6. Bourbon 2012 7. Madison Central 2014 8. Eastern 2011 9. Lafayette 2018 10. North Hardin 2018
  14. Brass33

    Friendly Finals Thread :)

    Let’s all just give it a rest and not go down the rabbit hole again. Sound good? Who else has thoughts on what they saw at finals?
  15. Brass33

    Friendly Finals Thread :)

    A few highlights: - All the new faces in finals. I’ve stated that I’m nostalgic when it comes to the activity, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me smile to see programs we’re not used to seeing on Saturday night. It’s awesome for those kids and those communities. - The weather, for the most part, held off. So we got to see most groups perform unhindered. - I think the quality of shows this year was a step up over last year. We’re starting to see groups really push the envelope when I’m comes to show design in this state. - I missed NH in 5A. I know they won’t come back though. Oh well. Lafayette/MC/Ryle/PLD still put on a heck of a show. - I think this year’s Lafayette is the best band this state has had in the past decade. Don’t remember seeing a band at finals that good since ‘08. I also think it says a lot about the MC program that they were able to hang with them. Both groups need to venture deeper into the BOA world next year. The state needs them. - Thought we saw the best Beechwood we’ve ever seen. I could see Murray/Beechwood turn into quite the rivalry over the next few years.