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  1. I’m going to side with MikeZ on this one lol
  2. Posts like these make me miss what we usually talk about. Instead of breaking down opening weekend lineups and reviewing preview shows, we get this.
  3. I just don’t see how a local show would be worth it. Seems like a lot of hassle for little to no reward.
  4. Watching the KHSAA meeting. They’re moving towards not starting practices until August 24th. If we’re not allowing sports to have limited practices until the 24th, I don’t know how we can justify groups trying to have camps right now. Wonder if administrations will halt band activities.
  5. Even though UIL is just “delaying” the season, many of the states groups are choosing to not participate in competitive fall marching band (including UIL competitions). Some of the state’s most well known programs such as Leander, Vandegrift, Vista Ridge, Rouse HS, Cedar Park, and Keller have come to this decision.
  6. I agree. Both play extremely well. Just comes down to what you prefer. NH is very pretty/delicate whereas Lafayette brings the power. As a brass guy, I like a very powerful sound but I have counterparts that prefer a nice symphonic sound that NH brings. Neither is right or wrong. I think MC is more on the powerful brass side of things when it comes to their sound as well. I think the notion has been for the past several years that you have to have a sound like NH to be successful at at the national level. But Lafayette proved that to be wrong when they beat a GN finalist in Music
  7. I’ve been saying for the past couple years that I think Jaggie’s bands sound better than Barton’s did. This is solely based on marching band. I haven’t heard MC’s concert band since Barton left.
  8. I’d put Lafayette in the same league as NH on stage, but I won’t argue with giving NH the nod. I remember watching NH play Lincolnshire Posy and Lafayette play Festival Variations and thought they both sounded better than some college groups I’ve heard. There’s a gap between YPAS/NH/Lafayette and the rest of state when it comes to concert band (just look at the all-state numbers and you’ll see why)
  9. Well duh about YPAS lol, I put them in a different category. I will respectfully disagree with you about Oldham County and MC. I’ve heard both and they’re both great. The two best KY groups I’ve heard outside of NH/Laf.
  10. NH and Lafayette’s top concert ensembles are fantastic. I’ve seen both in-person. Both play some serious Grade-6 literature and both groups have 20+ All-State musicians. There’s not another program in the state that can match them on the concert side of things.
  11. Honestly couldn’t wait for the debate to transition over to the HornRank boards for national people to see. 2020 has robbed us of that.
  12. Welp 2020 is a wash. Was looking forward to the annual debates that always happen on here such as who would win a hypothetical showdown between NH and Lafayette and whether props enhance shows. I will miss the threads bashing voiceovers and making judgements about groups based on a video from their third day of band camp. I will also miss all of the new accounts popping up to fish for compliments. Fall won’t feel the same.
  13. Also, word on the street is that BOA is cancelling all events Don’t quote me on it but that’s what’s going around on HornRank right now.
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