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  1. Brass33

    Bands not going to SMBC

    Adding NH to the usual lineup for that show makes me want to clear my schedule. That lineup is usually stacked. Add NH to it? Yes please
  2. Brass33

    New System

    Well, when a person constantly creates controversy that is often unnecessary/unwarranted, they are begging for attention. So I don’t think they mind.
  3. Brass33

    New System

    I’m imagining what my high school’s marching band would’ve been like if my director let all of the kids in the middle school program be on the field instead of just the ones he selected. I’m pretty sure I had a nightmare similar to that one time. Seriously though im totally okay with high school directors selecting middle school students who they believe are ready to be in the high school marching band. Because the truth of the matter is, being in the marching band while in middle school doesn’t always benefit those kids. It’s up to the one who knows the kids/program the best (which is the director........ not random people on a discussion board) to make that call. Some middle school kids have the skills/maturity to benefit from the opportunity, some do not. It’s that simple.
  4. Brass33

    New System

    I’m starting to think Guest1234 was one of the ones not selected to be in marching band when they were in middle school.
  5. All good! It’s hard to convey sarcasm properly through text sometimes.
  6. My comment was sarcastic lol I was making fun of Guest1234’s response to your original post
  7. Stop being “That guy” okay? Your post is really coming off as being whiny and complaining.
  8. You get worked up over the smallest things. It’s hilarious. Relax. It’s just band.
  9. Oh the irony 😂
  10. If a program is leaving because KMEA didn’t expand finals, I’m cool with it. That says more about the director than it does KMEA, IMO
  11. This is true. It’s always fun to see how far some groups will travel to go to a contest because of the lineup. One of the groups that has been mentioned in this thread as a possible ‘jumper’ (love that term) is known for doing this.
  12. Yes. The majority of the ‘jumpers’ will mainly attend MSBA sanctioned events with a mid/early season BOA regional sprinkled in. Maybe even COC. Bands making the jump to MSBA in the hopes of receiving better feedback and “consistent” judging might want to temper their expectations (We all know why bands go to MSBA. It’s not the feedback.) If you truly believe that the difficulty of getting into finals isn’t the biggest/main reason programs are leaving, watch how many come back when finals is expanded to 8 groups per class.
  13. You won’t convince me that the main reason these groups are supposedly leaving is anything other than the level of competition in their class/the difficulty of making finals* You can talk about all of these other “deeper” issues if you want, but I don’t buy it. *with the exception of North Hardin
  14. It is what it is. Let them leave. I hope they find what they’re looking for. Don’t get bitter, get better.
  15. Unfortunately, you’re right. *Some* Directors are not happy about finals not being expanded. I’m not going to rant but I will use a phrase that I’ve seen on this forum many times.... Dont get bitter. Get better.