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  1. As long as it gets their students pumped up, does it really matter what we think? I could see how the video could come off as pretentious but this definitely looks like a “hype” video that was probably used to reveal their show to the students and families. Chill out.
  2. Brass33

    New System

    Oh my.
  3. Brass33

    BOA Louisville

    Early season BOAs are so tricky. I could definitely see North taking down Franklin, especially with a director change. I think Castle will get off to a much better start this year than last year. They had a lot of things going on behind the scenes last year that held them back at the beginning of the year. I really wish O’Fallon was going to this one.
  4. Brass33

    BOA Johnson City

    This forum would explode lol Here’s my way-too early hot takes for this show: -Bassett will be closer to Kennesaw than Kennesaw will be to Lafayette -DB wins......but not by the landslide you’d think - Russell Co. will comfortably be in the Top 5
  5. Brass33

    BOA Johnson City

    I completely forgot the venue for this regional is indoors. Has anyone ever been to this venue? It looks kind of cool, but I haven’t heard the greatest things about it
  6. Brass33

    KY Band BOA Participation

    Not surprised Louisville filled up so quick. Carmel will obviously win it but it’ll be interesting to see how Castle approaches this regional after not doing well at the Clarksville regional last year. NH should be top 5. The East Tennessee regional is not very deep. The top 3 will most definitely be Dobyns-Bennett, Lafayette, and Kennesaw. I’d say the goal for Lafayette would be to beat Kennesaw and see how close you can get to DB. Bassett, VA is a solid group. Russell Co. should be in the top 5.
  7. The ol’ Macy’s bump lol Seriously though, 300 members is quite the accomplishment for MC. (Maybe the largest band in state history?) From a competitive standpoint, however, having that many could hurt them more than help. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not definitively saying it will hurt them, but there are definitely obstacles that come with having a group so large.
  8. Brass33

    Band Fees

    Whether it’s fair or not, money is a big factor in today’s marching band world and in order to stay competitive (especially in BOA) you’ve got to spend spend spend. The sound systems you see BOA groups use? Insanely expensive. World Class Designers such as Wes Cartwright, Michael Gaines, etc. ? Really expensive (Good) Clinicians during the season? Expensive Big staff? Expensive Consulting team? Expensive Saying the activity has become an “effect arms race” is very accurate. Every program is striving to find the next big thing (Custom uniforms, LEDs, unique show design, etc.) and are willing to shell out the money to do so.
  9. Brass33

    Band Fees

    *Says I’m done responding to this thread* *Only lasts a couple hours* On the higher end? Zero. My fees in high school never got any higher than $350. I never claimed to have any experience or knowledge on this subject. But I’m also not coming on here criticizing programs for how they obtain their finances. The only reason I’m being so combative is just that, none of us have any idea what we’re talking about. So it’s not really fair to criticize programs when, if ever given the opportunity to truly understand their financial situation, we probably would understand why the fees are the way they are. Fees suck, and with the way the activity is progressing, they’re probably going to go up even more over the coming years.
  10. Brass33

    Band Fees

    For some programs? Yes, they do need that much. I could go on and on about this but there are reasons fees are the amount they are. Why is Carmel charging $1350 for their band fees? Does that “scream” something is out of alignment with that program as well? You’re getting bent out of shape over a situation you have no background knowledge of and yet you’re insinuating these programs have no idea what they’re doing when they set these prices. Once again, I would love to see you go to the directors/boosters/committees and try to tell them they’re “doing it wrong” and that their fees tell you something is “out of alignment” with their program. I would pay money to see their reaction. I’m done responding to this thread. This topic pops up almost every year. I trust each program to know how much they need to operate their organization to its fullest capability. I doubt they’ll seek counsel from anonymous posters on a discussion board.
  11. Brass33

    Band Fees

    You hit the nail on the head. Every program is in a unique situation when it comes to finances. To criticize a program for their fees without truly knowing the details of their situation is an argument without any substance.
  12. Brass33

    Bands not going to SMBC

    That’s not really fair to Jaggie. We only have a two year sample. I think he’s doing an outstanding job. I honestly believe that MC under Jaggie plays/moves better than they did under Barton. The only reason they haven’t placed as well as Barton’s groups is because North Hardin and Lafayette have really stepped up their game. And even then, MC has been right there in the thick of things.
  13. Brass33

    Band Fees

    If you wanted to participate, you would’ve been able to participate. Most programs I’m familiar with have other payment plans/options for individuals and families who might struggle to come up with the money. When I was in high school, one of my buddies was not in the greatest shape financially. Because of this, he and his family went to the Director, sat down, and figured out a plan that would be obtainable. I hate to break it to you, but there is a reason programs have fees. Disagree with the amount some programs charge? That’s fine. Fees suck, and I think we all can agree on that. But you can’t assume that you know what amount is reasonable for a certain program, because (no offense) you truly have no idea. Some programs have significant contributions from outside donors, some do not. Some schools have fundraising limitations, some do not. Some programs invest in world class designers and consultants, some do not. I could go on and on. Every program is different. We just have to accept that.
  14. Brass33

    Bands not going to SMBC

    Nowhere close? Oh my. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. *whispers* *I think Lafayette has been this state’s most BOA “ready” band the past two years*
  15. Brass33

    Band Fees

    I never really question how much a band charges for their fees. The amount of committees/boards that a budget usually has to pass through within these programs tells me that they genuinely need that amount.