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    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    Prediction 1A 1: Ravenwood 2. Christian co. 3. GRC 2A 1. Mt. Juliet 2. Oakland 3. Lebanon 3A 1. Franklin 2. Seigel 3. McGavock Finals 1. Franklin 2. Seigel 3. McGavock 4. Paragould 5. Eastern 6. Barren co. 7. Hopkinsville 8. Muhlenburg co. And before everyone starts with "Hopkinsville and Christian Co. beat Barren at state, how can you have them ahead of both of them" remember COC is way different from KMEA.

    Changes, one year in

    I agree with that predication, plus I think there may be a few 3A bands leave too.

    Semifinals results

    2006 I think was when Cumberland County was in or 2007, one of those two years.
  4. My predictions Top 4 (No order) Madisonville, Hopkinsville, Barren, Owensboro Next 4(No order) Christian Co., Bullitt East, Manuel, South Warren Out Greenwood
  5. My Prediction Top 4(I'm not about to guess an order) Harrison, Anderson, Bourbon, South Laurel Next 4 Madison Southern, Southwestern, North Oldham, Grant Co. Out Woodford Co. (going on 1st will doom them)
  6. My Predictions 1. Adair Co 2. Glasgow 3. LaRue Co. 4. Taylor Co. 5. John Hardin 6. ACS 7. Logan Co 8. Calloway Co.

    Twin lakes marching band contest 10-5

    I'll take a crack at predictions for this one A 1. McLean Co. 2. Union Co. AAA 1. Adair Co. 2. LaRue Co. 3. Franklin Simpson 4. Breckinridge Co. AAAA 1. Barren Co. 2. South Warren 3. North Oldham Overall GC: Adair Co. RGC: Barren Co. 3rd: LaRue Co. 4th: South Warren 5th:North Oldham 6th: Franklin Simpson 7th: Breckinridge Co. 8th: McLean Co. 9th: Union Co. Barren and LaRue could easily switch places. I think Adair will be motivated after FOC Saturday.

    4A Predictions?

    Now that we are a month into the season. Here's how I see Finals possibly shaking out 1. Anderson Co. 2. Bourbon Co. 3. Harrison Co. 4. Barren/Hopkinsville/Madisonville/South Laurel/Ownesboro/Bullitt East I think the top 3 are locks. Places could switch around depending on how well each perform that night at WKU. I realize that Bourbon beat Anderson at BOA, but I don't take much stock in BOA results when dealing with KMEA. 4th is where it gets really murky. Barren has a lot of potential and if they can reach that, they will be right there, plus they will have home field advantage in semis (if that matters, which it probably doesn't). After seeing Hopkinsville yesterday, I'm not sure what to think. They will be in contention no doubt but it just seemed like they are missing something. The other 4 I haven't seen but based on results from this season, they will all be right there. Regionals will tells us a lot.

    BOA Johnson City

    I wonder why they chose to have this regional in the "Thunderdome" instead of the new outdoor stadium that ETSU built recently? Anyone know?

    Barren County 9/28

    Great contest today! Some of my thoughts Anderson- Wow! Better than I even thought they already were. They will give Bourbon a battle in a month. Russell- Usual Russell. They play and march well but still a lot of room to grow. I think they are still the favorite for 3A right now. Glasgow- Wasn't sure to make of them last week at Pulaski but after seeing them again, I'm impressed. Probably the best Glasgow band in a long time. If they keep going the way they are, they will be in Finals. LaRue- Them beating Hoptown surprised me but they were good tonight. They are close to getting to that next level and very well could be a dark horse for Finals. Hopkinsville- I'm not going to lie, I was expecting more out of them. They have a good show but it just feels like there is something missing. Hendersonville- Really Cool show. Played well but visually mediocre. Typically big Tennessee band. Cumberland County- They will win A this year. I cant think of a A band better than them right now. They play well for a small band and visually they are solid. Manuel- They play very well. Visual was lacking but musically was great. Great solo moments too. Wayne Co.- it's nice to see them slowing climbing back to where they used to be. They still have some cleaning to do. The only thing that confused me was the tops. I understand why they wouldn't wear uniform tops in prelims but didn't in Finals either. Campbellsville- I'll be honest, I was a bit surprised that they beat Danville to make Finals. However, they played well and was visually sound. I didnt quite understand the show but its performed well. Barren- Marked improvement from last week but still a lot to clean up. If they can get it clean and solid, they will be in the mix for that 4th slot in 4A Finals.

    Festival of Champions 9/28

    I have to disagree. Considering Murray beat Adair yesterday at Louisville, I think Murray runs away this this one, Adair in 2nd and Madisonville in 3rd and Paragould in 4th.

    Pulaski County 9/21

    3/4 of the lights are back on and Barren is rewarming up. I think we're close to starting again.

    Pulaski County 9/21

    Well... they had half of them back on just for them to go back off. 🤦‍♂️

    Pulaski County 9/21

    And now... all are off. Barren is in a holding pattern