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    This is a band forum discussing high school marching bands. What people are doing may or may not be immature, but I don’t really know if a “got beef?” topic is very appropriate
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    Quit with the whole “Name means everything in KMEA” narrative. That’s such garbage. How big is South Laurel’s name? Most of these judges are well known in several circuits across the nation. Jay Webb? Ken Turner? There are some huge names on these panels. We always talk about how North Hardin is Kentucky’s biggest presence on a national scale, so shouldn’t their name carry more weight? Quit. They got beat. Stop blaming the system for the shortcomings of your favorite band. Every circuit has its problems.
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    It sounds like it is filtering into your mind. Let It Go !
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    Due to Pumas feelings being hurt downvoting has been taken away. I personally love the down vote option and i think we should be able to down vote people.
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    I sure wish there was a nifty new ‘eyeroll’ reaction button right now...
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    I say 5th so they can just turn the props upside for next year and reuse them. #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle
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    What’s blind, deaf, and may or may not have a music degree? A KMEA judge
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    While we are talking about this. . . To the students. Be careful. There should be definite lines between you and the adults in your life. Whether it is a coach, a teacher, an employer, a pastor, or a parent of a friend. You want to develop friendships and find mentors you can trust, however, you need to be careful. If you feel an adult is pressuring you to share things that are too personal, trying to spend unnecessary time alone with you, encouraging you to drink alcohol or experiment with drugs, touch you in any way that is sexual, TELL SOMEONE. Healthy adults don't ask teenagers to keep their secrets. Healthy adults should not be having in depth personal conversations via email or text with students. Healthy adults don't ask for photographs. These things are red flags.
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    let's close it out pulaski is good, southwestern is good, Boyle is good, Casey is good. the end
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    For the record, you are exactly right. The first thing most new members encounter when they post on the boards is something to the effect of "God, you're such a Noob!" And a nice round of chastising. It's not exactly the most welcoming approach. All of the following are better approaches to dealing with a situation like that: 1. Welcome the person, and don't assume they are fishing (maybe they aren't, they are just wanting to know what people think, or that's the topic they are interested in at that moment). 2. Respond to the person honestly with your opinion of what they are asking about. (Sort of a follow-on to point #1.) 3. If they keep "fishing" and it's clear they are fishing, just ignore it. If nobody pays the "fishing" any heed, it will stop. And if that's all the person cares about, they'll go away. Or, they'll get the hint, and start contributing in a meaningful way, and you might just have a new member of the community...a community that actually needs new members. Calling out new members who don't inherently know the rules (who does?) doesn't do the board any favors. It makes it seem unwelcoming. And, really, if you're doing it, it's probably just for your own aggrandizement and making yourself feel part of an exclusive, but ever-shrinking, club. Which frankly isn't worth all that much.
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    Sometimes the cleanest band isn’t the better band.
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    Say what you will as to Whether this belongs here or not. It sure does! He was a member of this VERY platform for YEARS. Under different admins, different domain names. He has worked closely with some of the finest high school musicians and performers in the western part of the state. Do NOT be surprised when multiple people start coming forward. And some may not, and I get it. Because when they brought it to light 16 years ago, they were dismissed because “he’s a good dude.” Yeah buddy. Good dude 👍🏼 My heart goes out to those who have been courageous enough to face this. And my heart hurts for those that haven’t yet.
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    You thought Henry Clay likely deserved 4th. Me, probably Central Hardin. Which two had some of the wackiest judging? Henry Clay and Central Hardin. Henry Clay Music 1= 5th Music 2 = 11th Central Hardin Music 1 = 4th Music 2 = 10th Visual Effect: "Effectiveness of Repertoire includes creativity of visual program, pacing/continuity, coordination/staging, interpretation of visual to audio and use of form, color and movement". PLD got 3rd? Was I watching a different show? Again, PLD performed well. I've been around for a while, and PLD has some of the best students and parents around. But in creativity, pacing, staging, form, color and movement you have Henry Clay, Ryle, Central Hardin, Lafayette, and Eastern were lower tonight? The Visual Performance judges had some wild spreads, too.
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    Yeah, gonna have to disagree. Saying NH’s sound is “unmatched” here in Kentucky is a bit too far. The one thing NH has always had though is killer woodwinds. Best woodwinds in the state. I’m always much more impressed with their woodwinds than their brass. People were saying the same thing last year but when finals rolled around, their “superior” sound quality did not sound “superior” compared to Lafayette (and really MC for that matter). I know people won’t agree with this, but it’s okay to agree to disagree 😊
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    The 2018 4A and 5A judging panel
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    This may be biased but I’m in the NH marching band so that’s kind of a given lol but I like to make sure I view things in an equal standard I really enjoyed Lafayette’s show and they deserved to win. I definitely think we could’ve been cleaner visually. One of the main things our band director tells us is that being better than we were last time is our main goal. Our intervals and form control were ten times better than they were last Saturday and I’m definitely proud of how far we’ve come. One thing I didn’t really agree on is how we didn’t exactly sweep any musicality captions. I thought our hits were louder and more interesting than any other 5A band, but that might be that old bias coming back lol Like I said it was fun being able to watch Lafayette’s show from the sidelines and I congratulate them on a job well done! Your opinion really comes down to what you value more: musicality or visual. I never got to see MC’s show because they went on after us, but from what I’ve seen their show was really a stunner. Either way I agree with all the placings, based on what KMEA judges usually look for, and I’m proud to have had another season of excellence. That was a pretty long and pointless post but oh well 🤷‍♀️
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    kmea can kiss north hardin goodbye lol
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    south laurel, despite everyone's disbelief, you all have amazed me and hopefully can show a lot of underdogs that hard work pays off. to beat some reigning champs is something not earned easily, so take pride in that. to all the other 4A bands, you all did EXCELLENT and i feel all the bands deserved a 1st place spot. keep working hard and go get em next year
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    So let's see, I wonder if you know 1 of the very best ways for a band program to make money? Did you know that this program was dead just a very short time ago? Do you know the Mr Williams is a young and well respected Director that is trying to build this program? It seems to me that one way for Directors across this state to help Mr Williams try to build this program is by taking their bands there to support it. Wasn't there a contest that had turf actually get canceled this weekend? I think it's pretty remarkable what they are trying to pull off. Yes the facility will be different but isn't what life is about is facing obstacles, adjusting, and overcoming them? You can choose to go support it(and maybe use the pedestrian bridge to walk into downtown Liberty and enjoy the Apple Festival for a bit), or you can continue walking around with your nose up in the air complaining about no 4 lane highway!
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    this is the most childish thing
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    I'll leave my two cents about this: All Purple People Eater is doing is defending Harrison. Since he's a homer to Harrison, that is what anyone would do in this situation: tear down other bands who are just a s good (if not better) to make one look great. That is not what this forum was made for and not something that is should turn in to. Russell is good. Scary good. There is no denying that, but other bands are too. Harrison and Bourbon both are contenders for the title but you, Purple People Eater, cannot set aside your differences and look through a completely objective lens and say, "You know what, everyone has put in the time and effort to win, not just my home band." Even if you don't want to say that, practice what all of our mothers preached, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Constructive criticism goes a LONG way. You can say Russell isn't your favorite show, that fine! But what you can't say a sly remark saying "make up on a pig is still a pig". Who says that about a band? Absolutely disgusting in my opinion. We may not see eye to eye on all things Purple People Eater, but you definitely have lost respect in my book by looking with blinders only focused on Harrison. Downvote me or not, it's awful to sit back and watch an anonymous Harrison homer destroy another band just because of a trophy and title. It's competition, not life or death. Give credit where credit is due, give constructive criticism, or give us a break.