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  1. Anderson Cooper

    Join the BOX5 team!!

    If I knew I wasn't going to have a bunch of stuff going on, I'd love to help.
  2. Anderson Cooper

    KMEA Video Game Week 1

    Did Chase manage to find a way to simultaneously win and lose? Yes, he was the only one to post a video for the contest so he was the only one who could win. Yet, he didn't rank any videos, so based on a technicality, there was no way that he could get any points.
  3. Anderson Cooper

    Grand Nationals

    Flower Mound's show started with Chuck Henson saying to watch bands.
  4. Anderson Cooper

    Grand Nationals

    Can we please start a three page thread derailment of BOA vs KMEA. I nominate MikeZ to give the opening statement. But seriously, I understand that there is no perfect system and that there is such a thing as human error and opinions.
  5. Anderson Cooper

    Grand Nationals

    Probably where Marian's ordinals reached double digits...
  6. Anderson Cooper

    6th Annual SMBC Predictions Contest

    So THAT was what was written on the tablets that Moses smashed...
  7. Anderson Cooper

    6th Annual SMBC Predictions Contest

    What Tim means is that he was too busy burning couches and flipping over cars.
  8. Anderson Cooper

    Why disparities exist between judges

    This has to be one of the greatest after-State threads there has ever been. I don't really have anything of value to add (when do I ever), but I just wanted to say "Thank you Mr. Bryant for the breath of fresh air."
  9. Anderson Cooper

    Finals Results

    Just wish it weren't as fast. Would love to see this stretched out to around five minutes. Plus side: Retreat doesn't take forever and a day.
  10. Anderson Cooper

    Air Your Grievances

    Can we make stands that are straight up?
  11. Anderson Cooper

    Last time finals were at EKU?

    Just remember: You're All Winners In Life
  12. Or how about: Pulaski being right behind Carmel. or Henry Clay after Marian Catholic.
  13. Anderson Cooper

    kyband server crash

    Or if you want an even easier option: http://kyband.com/home/forms/contact-us/
  14. Anderson Cooper

    kyband server crash

    Sometime on Sunday. Rick Gardner would be able to give you a more specific answer. MAIL@KYBAND.COM
  15. Anderson Cooper

    6th Annual SMBC Predictions Contest

    Well, that certainly didn't work...